Sunday, October 23, 2011

# 76--Passion and # 77 Past Days

Passion--What is Mine

Image from e-vint; background made with textures fron Cynthia Powell, Pareeerica and Shadowhouse.

Past Days Taos Pueblo Tradition

Taos Pueblo is the oldest continuously occupied pueblo in the United States.
The images are photos I took in New Mexico a few years ago. The woman is a Corn Dancer--as I recall this is a fertility dance for the planting of corn, a staple of the pueblo people's diet.
Kokopelli is a prominent spirit among the Pueblo tribes, and the sun symbol is also seen on the New Mexico state flag,

Sunday, October 9, 2011

# 75 Mirror

Looking into the Moon's Mirror

Image from a Waterhouse painting; the moon mirror was Googled. The background bits are from Encounter_laura and Untamed Reflections. The runes in the background are brushes by JScully.

# 74 Window


a montage of three photos I took of glass sided buildings in Boston; played with using blending modes and opacity adjustments. The face is a brush.