Sunday, January 30, 2011

#5 Exodus and #6 Revolver

O Pioneers
A vision of the American exodus into the West
Photos from the collections of the Denver Public Library and the Library of Congress.
Background made with texture from Boccacino at Textures4Layers and brushes from Shadowhouse and RKrakoff.
The frame is from an old Daugerrotype I found on Art-e-ology.
The photo is a public domain image of May Lillie. She was quite a gal! Here is what I found about her on Wikipedia:
Mary E. "May" Manning (March 12, 1869 - September 17, 1936)
Mary Manning was born on March 12, 1869 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents were William R. and Mary Manning. May had two sisters, Elmira and Elizabeth Manning and a younger brother, William B. Manning. May also had three half brothers, Samuel, Edward and Albert Eager. Mary Manning married Gordon William Lillie (who became famous as Pawnee Bill) in 1886 at her parent's home in Philadelphia.
Gordon Lillie's wedding gift to his bride was a pony and a Marlin .22 target rifle. A natural shot, May traveled the country as the “Champion Girl Horseback Shot of the West.” Lillie starred his petite wife in his Wild West shows as a sharpshooter and expert “lady” rider. She was one of the first women to perform as an equestrian and shooter in American Wild West Shows. While on tour in 1907, May gave a speech to women in Chicago, she said: “Let any normally healthy woman who is ordinarily strong screw up her courage and tackle a bucking bronco, and she will find the most fascinating pastime in the field of feminine athletic endeavor. There is nothing to compare, to increase the joy of living, and once accomplished, she’ll have more real fun than any pink tea or theater party or ballroom ever yielded.”
Eventually May and Gordon settled in Pawnee, Oklahoma on Blue Hawk Peak. They built a cabin, established a buffalo herd, and, in 1910, and completed work on their Arts and Crafts style home. In 1917, May and Gordon adopted a son whom they named Billy. He died in an accident at the ranch in 1925. While her husband was on tour, May was the hands-on manager of the Lillie buffalo ranch. She believed in the buffalo’s importance to the heritage of the American West and to Plains Indian culture. May was active in the Women’s Relief Corp and was a member of the Eastern Star. She starred in “May Lillie, Queen of the Buffalo Ranch,” a film produced at the ranch. In 1936 she and her husband celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary in Taos, New Mexico. In September of that year they attended a local celebration in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While driving back to their ranch that night Gordon lost control of their vehicle. May died on September 17, 1936 as a result of injuries sustained in the accident.

Background made with grunge brushes from various sets, texture pieces from Jessica Sprague and LeslieNicole. Western brushes from Obsidian Dawn

Saturday, January 29, 2011

#3 Light and #4 Dark

Light in the Storm
I used a photo of mine of the northern California shore.
Background textures from Pareeerica and Ka2rina at TExtures for Layers.
The boat I found on Google Images a while ago. I use it a lot in my work.
Darkness, Darkness
I decided to go with inner darkness as well as outer darkness for this piece. I love the images of Sarah Bernhardt that show her exhausted and "on the edge"
I used a public domain photo of Sarah from 1884. The background was created with textures by Ervin Bartis, Encounter_laura and ShadowHouse Creations, and the brushes are from a set called Botched Ornaments

#1 Home, #2 Love

#1 HOME--"This was our house"
created with images from Smugmug and Google Images.
Background textures from Boccacino, Encounter_laura and Temari09 at Textures
for Layers
Heart element from Ms Jordan

#2 LOVE--"L'Amour"
Image from e-vint, free images
background created with pieces from Spektoral Addendum,Temari09 and ome of mine at Textures for Layers.
Heart and texture Brushes by KeepWaiting, Stephanie Shimerda and Coby17
Music from Google Images

100 Themes

Digital Whisper Blog has challenges us to comlplete 100 digital pieces for a list of themes.

The rules are:

*New art for every theme.

*No two themes in one piece of artwork.

*You have a year time limit.

*You can just dip in as and when you feel like it, in any order, so it will be easy to fit in around your other commitments.

*Set up a separate folder for your work

*When a new work is completed, leave a message on the blog, with a link to said work in your folder, so that we can all access and admire it.

*Make sure everything is clearly and accurately credited.

*The most important rule of all - Have Fun!